Parish First Holy Communion Formation Program Resources

The following outline provides parishes of the Diocese of Richmond with resource support for First Holy Communion formation aligned with the diocesan Instruction for Sacraments – First Holy Communion.  Additionally, it recognizes that in many parishes the First Holy Communion formation program usually follows a program that has prepared children for First Penance.  Often these two formation programs are together referred to as “First Sacraments.” Therefore, many of the curriculum and team formation suggestions listed will apply to preparation for both sacraments.  Click on the links below to access the resources.

Preparing for the Parish First Holy Communion Formation Program

Formation for First Holy Communion

Celebration of the Rite of Penance

Catechesis after First Holy Communion (coming soon)

  • Ways to Stay Connected to Families (pdf)
  • Supporting Parents in Sharing Faith with their Children (pdf)
  • Family Resources (pdf)