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This Resource page will be updated often and lists online resources to support catechesis for Adults, Youth and Children. Click here for Resources as of November 2011; December 2011; January 2012 Lenten Resources; February 2012 Lenten Resources; Resources for Catechists of Youth; March 2012; April 2012; May 2012; June, 2012, July, 2012, August, 2012

Resources as of September, 2012

Advent Resources

Twenty Third Publications already has some Advent materials available:

Faithful Citizenship    Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship: A Call to Political Responsibility from the USCCB

Partnering with Parents

·       Media use  Website that prescreens internet sites for children.  Movie reviews by Catholic News Service   Movie reviews by American Franciscans

·       Nurturing faith at home   Free e-zine for busy parents who are trying to nurture spirituality at home  Parents’ Prayer for their children   Background to  the practice of parental blessing and links to prayers   “The Christian Place for Catholic Kids”  Free e-books, a bible reading plan,  a Bible dictionary, an examination of conscience for children and more!   The Great Adventure: A Catholic Bible Reading plan for kids.  This is a complete approach/curriculum.  Might be really good for home school families, or those who prefer a very systematic approach.   Praying with your Children: A Guide for Families

·       General assistance with Catholic parenting
Parenting with Grace: Catholic Parents’ Guide to Raising Almost Perfect Kids  excerpt
The Diocese of Steubenville “Family and Social Concerns” page:

·       Talking about matters of faith with other parents   A Faith and Family blog with the Editor of the Catholic Digest and other contributors

Year of Faith

An overall plan for the Year of Faith  Diocese of Joliet  A month-by-month plan for embracing the Year of Faith from the Diocese of Joliet.  Includes prayers, prayer intentions, and monthly intellectual, spiritual and practical applications of faith tied to the liturgical seasons and the Good News of Jesus.

Foundational Resources for the Year of Faith  Short videos with discussion assistance, prayers, calendars, scripture reflections and more

Scripture Study
Lectio Divina approach to Scriptures and to elements of the Tradition from Threshold Bible Study creator/author Stephen Binz
For Breaking Open the Word with adults, especially in Christian Initiation. In monthly e-book format with duplication privileges, through Catholic Digital Resources:  “Breaking Open the Word of Faith” by Terry Modica

For a sample go to  and to order go to

Lectionary Bulletin inserts for the first and second readings from Paul Turner:

Using  the Fr. Robert Barron “Catholicism” series for adult faith formation
    "Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed." (Jn. 20:29)
A series of six sessions to celebrate the Year of Faith, proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI.
Order of  Presentation
 Faith: What is it and who has it? (Faith and Reason, Faith and Science, and Faith and Life)
 Faith in the Triune God (Faith in Revelation: Scripture and Tradition)
 Faith in the Word Become Flesh (Incarnation, Redemption, Paschal Mystery, Death and the Hereafter)
 Faith in the Church (Church: Guided by the Holy Spirit, Church as the Institution and Guardian of Revelation)
Faith: A Treasure Carried in Earthen Vessels (The Human Condition: Holiness, Sin, Grace, and Salvation)
 Mary: Model of Faith (Mary's role in the history of salvation)

Handing on Vatican II to younger people:

For RCIA Teams and Leaders:
A RCIA Commentary  For a sample go to: