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Lector at Incusion Sunday

Office for Persons with Disabilities

“We are a single flock under the care of a single shepherd. There can be no separate Church for persons with disabilities.” (Welcome & Justice, par.1)

About Us

In addition to our office staff, listed under our Contact link, the Office for Persons with Disabilities has a Disability Advisory Commission. The Commission has 15 members from parishes throughout the diocese. Many of our Commission members have personal or professional experience in working with persons with disabilities, and adopted the following Mission Statement in July 2006.

Mission Statement

Ministry with Persons with Disabilities of the Diocese of Richmond advocates for the inclusion of persons with disabilities into the full life of the Church.

Disability Advisory Commission Members

  • Fr. Wayne Ball, St. Patrick, Richmond
  • Waverly Bamman, St. Benedict's, Richmond
  • Josefina Camano, St. Luke, Virginia Beach
  • Santiago Camano, St. Luke, Virginia Beach
  • Susan Ellebracht, Church of the Good Shepherd, Smithfield
  • Ann Hughes, St. Edward the Confessor, Richmond
  • Mark Law, St. Michael the Archangel, Richmond
  • Michael Lewis, St. Patrick, Richmond
  • Joan Congable Mackay, St. Edward the Confessor, Richmond
  • Phyllis May, Holy Rosary, Richmond
  • Kimberly McInnis, Our Lady of Nazareth, Roanoke
  • Nancy Obadal, St. Bede, Williamsburg
  • Maureen Van Doren, Our Lady of Nazerth, Roanoke
  • Gerald Wallace, Star of the Sea, Virginia Beach